Stubberfield Funeral Home

About Us

Stubberfield Funeral Home is a full service family owned business.

For over 30 years Patrick and Joanne Gisle have provided compassionate personalized support to Powell River families dealing with the challenges that follow the loss of a loved one.

At Stubberfield we feel that a meaningful, dignified burial or cremation should not constitute a financial hardship. So when service arrangements are made, we listen closely to the family. In this way, we can locate the best venue and value available to accommodate the family’s needs and wishes.


Patrick & Joanne Gisle
Owners, Funeral Directors & Embalmers

Stubberfield Funeral Home is locally owned and operated by Patrick and Joanne Gisle. Patrick, a qualified funeral director and embalmer, apprenticed with Mr. Neil Stubberfield and qualified for his license in 1985.

Joanne is also a qualified funeral director and embalmer. She was an apprentice with her husband prior to their marriage and received her license in 1990. The business has been in its present location since 1993.

Patrick and Joanne specialize in Traditional Burial or Cremation, Memorial, Celebration of Life, Graveside or Simple Disposition services. They also have a cozy chapel onsite for those who wish to hold a service at their facility in Powell River.

When you turn to Stubberfield Funeral Home, you will be treated by the Gisle family and staff with care, compassion and dignity. They will assist you in making arrangements and make sure that your experience is comforting so that you can start the healing process.

Company History
Stubberfield Funeral Home was established November 30, 1969 by Neil and Audrey Stubberfield after purchasing the Crestview Funeral Chapel from Mr. Jackson.

Mr. Stubberfield was a qualified funeral director and embalmer. He started in 1959 with Henderson’s Funeral Home in Chilliwack. He worked there for about seven years and then became manager at Avalon Funeral Home in Surrey for three years before buying in Powell River.

The Stubberfield’s served the Powell River area for nearly two decades before selling to H. John Jordan of Penticton in July, 1987.

The Early Days
Early history records that the first person to operate a funeral home in Powell River was a man by the name of Whitley. His business would later be purchased by Center & Hanna of Vancouver sometime prior to the Second World War.

Norman Bird, a Vancouver employee of the new owners, was sent to manage the Powell River Funeral Home for Center & Hanna. He managed the firm until he and his wife were stricken with tuberculosis and had to spend some time in the sanatorium.

Bird was succeeded by a Mrs. Cross until he returned from treatment and he promptly purchased the business, renaming it Bird’s Funeral Home. He operated the firm for about 20 years and closed it down in May, 1973 and dissolved the company.