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The directors at Stubberfield can help you with all your arrangement choices. We have a wide selection of urns and caskets to choose from as well as other merchandise such as stationery, permanent memorial markers or memento and keepsake urns.

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Urns from $35

When a person dies the family may choose to cremate the deceased’s body. The cremated remains are placed in a permanent container, or Urn, before being committed to a final resting place.

Urns may be constructed from a variety of materials including: hardwoods like oak, cherry and mahogany; resins; metals like bronze, copper, brass and pewter; or stone like granite, marble or cultured marble.

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Caskets from $350

There are three types of caskets commonly used these days. They are constructed of materials like hardwood, cloth covered wood and metal.

Hardwood and cloth covered caskets are suitable for cremation. But, metal is not. A popular choice is a hardwood casket suitable for burial and cremation ceremonies that are held before cremation or burial takes place. Minimum containers made of plywood are also available.

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Cemetery Markers - By Quote

Historically grave markers go back thousands of years. The Greeks and Romans used stone monuments to honour the dead and prevent graves from being disturbed.

Burial markers today are constructed of granite, metal, or composite materials where accepted. The names of family are often added to a marker over the years, so that one marker may chronicle the passing of an entire family, over decades.

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Keepsake Jewellery from $99

There are a wide variety of accessories and keepsakes available on these pages to meet your preference and budget.

Please ask about specific items that you may not see here.

We will be glad to provide further details at the arrangement meeting.

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